The Million-Dollar Cloak

Ancient Hawaiian kings wore feathered cloaks (ʻahu ʻula) covered in yellow, red, and black feathers, which symbolized their high rank.

The National Museum of American History displayed a red and yellow ʻahu ʻula worth over $1 million. Nobleman Kekuaokalani of the Big Island owned the cloak. After his death, Kamehameha III obtained the cloak and eventually presented it to Captain John Henry Aulick of the U.S. Navy.

Read more about this ʻahu ʻula in “A Million-Dollar Cloak.”

“A Million-Dollar Cloak”
The Opelousas courier, February 20, 1904, Image 2


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  1. […] descendant of Kamehameha I lost his feather cloak in the Chinatown Fire of 1900. Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani went to court to […]

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