The British Museum’s Hawaiian Collection

If you’re ever in London and want to see some Hawaiian artifacts, the British Museum owns an astounding collection. Artifacts include those worn only by Hawaiian royalty: sperm-whale-tooth necklaces, feathered cloaks, and feathered helmets. Collected idols include those of the war god Ku and a feather god with feathers, human hair, dog teeth, and pearl shell eyes (left image). Read more about it in “In London.”


One Comment on “The British Museum’s Hawaiian Collection”

  1. […] A descendant of Kamehameha I lost his feather cloak in the Chinatown Fire of 1900. Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani went to court to claim compensation. The fire also destroyed other family heirlooms: feather wreaths, calabashes, and gold necklaces and earrings. […]

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