Those Hawaiians Sure Know How to Party!

Wouldn’t you like to eat raw fish, live shrimps, and shark with “dusky beauties”? Welcome to a Hawaiian luau–at least according to Harmon Buckley, who worked as a local agent in Honolulu for a sugarcane company. Luaus are all the rage, as he describes the Native Hawaiians as “famous eaters”:

[Native Hawaiians] have a feast … on every possible occasion. And it is truly marvellous what quantities of food they can stuff into themselves without physical injury. … The average native would go without his grass hut and clothes rather than forego a luau with his big family or a company of friends two or three times a months. The hardest work I have ever seen a Kanaka do has been in preparing for a luau, and some hard work must always be done in getting ready for a luau…”

Buckley watched with amazement King Kalakaua eat the flesh of a mullet that was swimming three minutes before and attractive Hawaiian women eat live fish:

“It has often tried the nerves of an American guest … to see a gorgeously decked young Kanaka woman reach into one of the wooden bowls of water … and snatching therefrom a writhing mullet about twice the size of a sardine, bit off its head and munch the fish down.”

Buckley describes in detail how the marine livestock was raised and the seafood was prepared for the feast and what the people in Hawaii ate in the article “Hawaii’s Great Feasts.” “Read more about it!”

One Comment on “Those Hawaiians Sure Know How to Party!”

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