“The Pacific Commercial Advertiser (PCA)” begins!

Today in history — July 2, 1856 — The Pacific Commercial Advertiser — later known as The Honolulu Advertiser — debuted on the streets of Honolulu. The first issue reported the marriage of King Kamehameha IV and Emma Rooke.

Read more about it in the very first issue!
Pacific commercial advertiser, July 2, 1856

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser was an Establishment newspaper in English and Hawaiian Honolulu, weekly, semiweekly, then daily except Sun,
2 Jul 1856–3o Mar 1921.

According to Helen Chapin, the PCA is the 2nd oldest continuously published newspaper in Hawai‘i. (The Friend began in 1843.)
Founding editor Whitney observed correctly that it is a paper “destined to exert more than an ephemeral influence on . . . our community and nation.” Original publication coincided in 1856 with the U.S. 4th of July observance. Except for 1880–1887, when Walter Murray Gibson ran it and supported King Kaläkaua and his policies, the PCA was editorially and in its news columns pro-American and pro-annexation. Whitney also began the Daily Bulletin, ancestor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Other title: Daily Pacific Commercial Advertiser.

Included in Hoku Loa O Hawaii (Morning Star), which became a separate publication in 1856, and Nupepa Kuokoa (Independent Press), (1861–1927). Pubs 19th c: Henry M. Whitney, James Black, James Auld, Henry L. Sheldon, Walter Murray Gibson, W. G. Irwin & Co, Hawaiian Gazette Co, Lorrin A. Thurston; 2oth c: Lorrin A. Thurston, Advertiser Publishing Co, Thurston Twigg-Smith family, Gannett Co, Inc. Eds: 19th c: Henry M. Whitney, W. L. Green, H.A.P. Carter, H. L. Sheldon,Walter Murray Gibson, Joseph. S. Webb, Robert J. Creighton, Wray Taylor, Henry Northrup Castle, Arthur Johnstone, Wallace Rider Farrington, W. N. Armstrong, Walter Gifford Smith; 2oth c: Walter Gifford Smith, Roderick O. Matheson, Edward P. Irwin, Sam Trissel. Cont by Honolulu Advertiser, The (1921- )

Union List: AH mf, HSL mf, UHM mf General circulation.

Chapin, Helen Geracimos. Guide to newspapers of Hawaiʻi, 1834-2000. Honolulu : Hawaiian Historical Society, 2000. http://hdl.handle.net/10524/1444

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