Women from Hawaii visit the Pacific Northwest

In 1909, four women from Hawaii would go on a four-month tour of the U.S. Pacific Coast. The Seattle Star says Florence Kim-Fung Ho was “one of the most interesting fair visitors” and describes her as an American “except for her Chinese features”: “She speaks and acts just as any American young woman would, and she is thoroughly interested in teaching.”

Ho describes how children in Hawaii do not dress:

“A few years back the children of the Hawaiian islands may have gone to school scantily clad, or in some case clad as nature adorned them, but those days have passed.”

Another woman on the tour, Elizabeth K. Victor, a granddaughter of former governor S. K. Kipi, expresses her pride in her Hawaiian culture:

“I am very proud of my country, and while I have always thought our music the most beautiful in the world, I am more than ever in love with it since hearing it far away from home.”

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