Chun Ah Fong’s Thirteen Daughters

Harriet Ah Fong, one of Chun Ah Fong's daughtersIn the late 1800s, Chun Ah Fong offered a $350,000 dowry to whoever married one of his thirteen daughters. Louisiana’s The Opelousas Courier says,

“All the Ah Fong girls are petite have peculiarly graceful ways, winning voices and a certain vivacity that has no comparable counterpart in American life. … [They] are good singers, and have the love of the Hawaiians for string music.”

Read more about the daughters of Hawaii’s first Chinese millionaire in “The Pretty Ah Fong Girls of Honolulu.”

“The Pretty Ah Fong Girls of Honolulu: A Truly Wonderful Story That is Unparalleled Even in the World of Fiction”

The Opelousas courier, April 15, 1899, Image 2


One Comment on “Chun Ah Fong’s Thirteen Daughters”

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