Queen Emma Rooke – Topic Guide

Today in history — January 2, 1836

The future queen of Hawaii, Emma Rooke was born in Honolulu. She would marry King Kamehameha IV, give birth to Prince Albert Edward Kamehameha, and run for Queen of Hawaii. Read more about Emma Rooke in this topic guide.

Emma Rooke Topic Guide


3 Comments on “Queen Emma Rooke – Topic Guide”

  1. […] she was growing up in Hanalei, Kauai, in the 1850s, Mrs. T. J. King befriended King Kamehameha IV, Queen Emma, and Queen Kapiolani. King played pranks on Kapiolani–putting sand in her bowl of pink poi […]

  2. […] Kamehameha IV marries Emma Rooke on June 19, 1856. In a ceremony conducted in both Hawaiian and English, they exchange their vows in […]

  3. […] hundred and thirty years ago, Dowager Queen Emma Rooke died in her Honolulu home. After headaches and convulsions, Emma died on her sofa, attended by […]

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