“The Interpretation of Dreams” in America – Topics in Chronicling America

An 1893 article speculates dreams are how God speaks to us. Two turn-of-the-century scientists theorized dreams predict physical illness or bodily pain. Modern psychologists wrangled with the meaning of dreams for decades, until Sigmund Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis and the subconscious swept the country.

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Makapuu Lighthouse

After a big steamship crashed onto the rocks of Waimanalo Bay and sank on a dark night, the Makapuu Lighthouse was built in 1909. Its lense was “one of the most powerful in existence” and measures 12 by 8 feet, and the lighthouse’s light can be seen 50 miles away in clear weather.

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“Makapuu Lighthouse Needs Only the Lantern”
The Pacific commercial advertiser, October 18, 1908