Christian Missionaries in Hawaii

This week in history — March 30, 1820 — Fourteen Christian missionaries arrived in Hawaii after traveling for 164 days through the continental United States and the Pacific Ocean. Their ship  landed at Kawaihae and Kailua-Kona, Big Island. Read more about it in “Christian Missionaries in Hawaii.”

Christian Missionaries in Hawaii

Prince Kuhio’s Birthday

Today in history — March 26, 1911 — Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole celebrated his birthday at Colonel Sam Parker’s Pearl Harbor home. About fifty people, including government officials, attended this luau. Read more about it in “Party Is Given on Delegate’s Birthday.”

“Party Is Given on Delegate’s Birthday: Col. Sam Parker’s Home Scene of Merrymaking to Honor Kuhio”
Evening bulletin., March 27, 1911, 3:30 EDITION, Page 6, Image 6

The Judd Building

Judd Building in downtown Honolulu

Today in history — March 20, 1899 — The Judd Building opens in downtown Honolulu for a public reception. One year later, Alexander & Baldwin incorporated, and the building would become its main office. The building still houses businesses today. Read more about the opening in “Judd Building Reception.”

“Judd Building Reception: Opportunity for Seeing the Interior and Riding Skyward”
Evening bulletin., March 22, 1899, Image 3

Mail Carriers in Hawaii

In 1908, to deliver mail in the Hawaii island countryside, mail carriers had to sail on a small boat, hike for nine miles on forty miles of overhead trails, and go up Kilauea Volcano before the roads were built.

Read more about these “queer” mail carriers in “Uncle Sam’s Strange Mail Carriers.”

Los Angeles herald [microform]., September 27, 1908, Image 56

Prince Albert Kunuiakea Died

Today in history — March 10, 1903 — Kamehameha III’s son, Prince Albert Kunuiakea, died in a house. His body was interred at the Royal Mausoleum in Nuuanu with the Kamehameha family. Considered the heir presumptive, Kunuiakea served in the House of Representatives of Hawaii during the Provisional Government’s rule. Read more about it in “Prince Kunuiakea Joins the Majority.”

“Prince Kunuiakea Joins the Majority: Last of the Kamehameha Heirs to Hawaii’s Throne Will Be Buried Sunday in the Royal Mausoleum in Nuuanu”
The Hawaiian gazette., March 13, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

Threatening a Boss

Not many people would point guns to their supervisors, but somebody did at Ahukini Landing, Kauai. Workers and their luna (supervisor) were handling freight, and a worker pulled a gun in front of the luna. Read more about it in “Shot at a Luna with a Revolver.”

“Shot at a Luna with a Revolver”
Evening bulletin., December 29, 1902, Image 1