Japanese Immigration

Today in history — June 19, 1868 — the first group of Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii. After thirty-three days on the sea, 147 males and 6 females from Yokohama would head to the sugar plantations to work as laborers.

The Hawaiian Gazette gave the first impression of the Japanese: “good-natured and lusty-looking” “very polite withal, having picked up our salutation of ‘aloha,’ and are not without a small degree of shame-facedness in regard to their appearance in coarse and sea-soiled clothing.”

Read more about their arrival:
The Hawaiian gazette., June 10, 1868, Image 2

“The arrival, on Friday last, of 147 Japanese laborers…”
The Hawaiian gazette., June 24, 1868, Image 2

“The provision in the contracts of the Japanese Immigrants…”
The Hawaiian gazette., August 12, 1868, Image 2


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