Kamehameha IV, the King of Hawaii

This week in history — January 11, 1855 — Alexander ʻIolani Liholiho became King Kamehameha IV of Hawaii at twenty years old, replacing Kamehameha III, his uncle and adoptive father.

Kuhina Nui Keoni Ana (John Young II) proclaimed, “Prince Alexander Liholiho is KING of the Hawaiian Islands, under the style of KAMEHAMEHA IV. God Preserve the King.”

As the fourth king of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Kamehameha IV tried to resist the growing American influence in Hawaii. Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma Rooke, his queen consort, improved healthcare and education for the native Hawaiian population, which was decreasing due to foreign diseases.

Read the proclamation of King Kamehameha IV’s reign in “Death of the King!: Kamehameha IV Proclaimed.”

“Death of the King!: Kamehameha IV Proclaimed.”
Polynesian., December 16, 1854, Page 126, Image 2


3 Comments on “Kamehameha IV, the King of Hawaii”

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