Princess Likelike’s Death

Today in history — February 2, 1887 — Princess Likelike, the mother of Princess Victoria Kaiulani, died at age 36. Afterwards, she was lying in state in the throne room of Iolani Palace:

“In the center, resting upon a catafalque, … lay the body of the deceased Princess clad in a robe of spotless satin, whose snowy folds depended over a pall of yellow plush, bordered with blue of a similar material. Her white gloved hands were crossed upon her bosom in an attitude of resignation. The shadeless hue of the garment she wore was scarcely relieved by the pallid countenance, which was marked by an expression of peaceful tranquility, the head resting upon a pillow of white satin.”

Read more about it in “Lying in State.”

“Lying in State”
The Pacific commercial advertiser., February 04, 1887, Image 3


One Comment on “Princess Likelike’s Death”

  1. […] Today in history — March 12, 1899 — thousands of people visited Princess Kaiulani’s body in Kawaiahao Church to see her one last time. After the funeral service, a procession went from King Street to the Mausoleum, and 25,000 people watched the hearse surrounded by carriages pass by. Military men, clergies, pall bearers, kahili bearers, and torch bearers followed. In the Royal Mausoleum, Princess Kaiulani was laid to rest with her mother Princess Likelike. […]

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