Dedication of Punahou School’s Cooke Library

Today in history — April 22, 1909 — Punahou School (then known as Oahu College) dedicated the Cooke Library, a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cooke. On the front porch of the library, the College Glee Club sang a “snappy piece” and

“Then little Carolene Cooke stepped forward to the top of the stairs, and facing Mr. Damon said in clear sweet tones: ‘Grandpa and Grandma Cooke wish me to give you the keys of this library.’ At the same time she handed the keys, tied with a bow of blue and golden ribbon almost as big as the little donor, to Mr. Damon.”

Read more about it in “Gift of the Cooke Library.”

Note: Today the Cooke Library serves Punahou School students grades 9 through 12 and houses the Punahou Archives.

“Gift of the Cooke Library”
The Pacific commercial advertiser, April 23, 1909


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