Men Can Now Wear Hats in Bishop Museum

William T. Brigham, the first director of Bishop Museum

This month in history — May 19, 1910 — Bishop Museum no longer required men to remove their hats when in the museum:

“[Museum director William T.] Brigham’s hat rule has … [caused] annoyance and injured feeling…, for the doctor insisted that every male … who invaded the precincts … must take off his hat. If the man didn’t take his hat off, a small boy handed him a slip of paper, advising him … that gentlemen were expected to take off their hats. If the visitor remained obdurate, he got another slip of paper, and if he still defied the rule, Professor Brigham … made him either take off the hat or get out of the building. There were exceptions, in cases where some especially obdurate visitor, equipped with an unusual amount of muscle, persisted in keeping his chapeau on …”

Read more about it in “Hats May Be Worn in Museum.”

“Hats May Be Worn in Museum”
The Pacific commercial advertiser, May 22, 1910, Image 1


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