Kaiulani’s Guardian, Theo H. Davies Died

Today in history — May 25, 1898 — Theophilus Harris Davies, a British businessman and guardian of Princess Victoria Kaiulani, died.

As the namesake of a Big Five company in Hawaii, “Theo” directed and owned Theo H. Davies & Co.

As Princess Kaiulani’s guardian, Theo accompanied the kingdom’s heir apparent when she studied in England for four years and traveled around the United States. During the latter after the Hawaiian Monarchy’s overthrow, Theo watched Kaiulani deliver impassioned speeches about her people losing their monarchy and disprove her reputation as the “Barbarian Princess.”

In her last living years, the royal bachelorette faced rumors about marriage engagements with Theo’s sons: Theophilus Clive Davies and George Davies.

In 1898, Theo suddenly left the princess through death, two years before hers.

Read more about Theo’s life in  “Mr. T. H. Davies.”

“Mr. T. H. Davies: Sad News of His Sudden Death in England”
The Hawaiian gazette, June 3, 1898, Page 4


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