Queen Kaahumanu’s Manoa Cottage

Today in history — June 5, 1832 — Queen Kaahumanu died. Towards the end of her life, the queen regent returned to her green traditional Hawaiian cottage in the cool, misty valley of Manoa Valley.

After her death, the cottage fell into disrepair:

“One abode of Hawaiian royalty which is fast disappearing from … view … in the in the overwhelming sweep of wild nature … What was once a stately, spacious grass house, erected on solid foundations and rearing itself with intertwisted thatches of palm strips, is now a ruin of which only some of the foundation stones are to be seen.”

Read more about Kaahumanu’s former Manoa home in “Where Kamehameha’s Queen Lived.”

“Where Kamehameha’s Queen Lived”
Pacific commercial advertiser, April 10, 1904, Page 7

Prince David Kawananakoa Died

Today in history — June 2, 1908 — Prince David Kawananakoa passed away in Hotel Stewart, San Francisco. Kawananakoa was the heir presumptive of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s throne. For the past ten days, he suffered from a serious case of pneumonia.

In Honolulu, Kawananakoa’s body rested in State in the throne room of Iolani Palace, and thousands paid their respects.

Read his obituary in “Death of Prince David Kawananakoa Yesterday.”

“Death of Prince David Kawananakoa Yesterday”
The Hawaiian gazette, June 5, 1908, Page 2