Prince Consort John Owen Dominis Died

This week in history — August 23, 1891 — John Owen Dominis died. Eight months before, his wife Queen Liliuokalani became the last ruling monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.

A friend and family member to Hawaiian royalty, the Prince Consort played many powerful roles:

Royal Governor of Oahu
Royal Governor of Maui
Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief
Quartermaster General and Commissioner of Crown Lands
Legislator in the House of Nobles
Royal Commander of royal orders (e.g. Royal Order of Kamehameha and the Royal Order of Kalākaua)
Member of the King’s Privy Council, Board of Health, Board of Education, and Bureau of Immigration

Dominis left behind his ten-year-old son, and Liliuokalani adopted John ʻAimoku Dominis as her stepson.

Through Dominis’ death, Liliuokalani inherited Washington Place, his family home, which would house Hawaii’s future governors.

Read more about John Owen Dominis in “Death of H. R. H. the Prince Consort.”

“Death of H. R. H. the Prince Consort”
The Hawaiian gazette, September 1, 1891, Image 1


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