The Merrie Monarch Returned

Today in history — October 29, 1881 — King Kalakaua returned from his nine-month trip around the world as the first monarch to ever travel around the globe.

He traveled through the continental United States, Europe, Southeast Asia , and East Asia. Kalakaua met heads of states including U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, Queen Victoria of England, Pope Leo XIII, the Emperor of Japan.

Read about his trip in “King Kalakaua Travels Around the World.”

King Kalakaua Travels Around the World

Roller Coasters

With breathtaking drops and “spine curling” thrills, early roller coasters delighted daring Americans. As more people experienced the adventure and as the mechanics improved, roller coasters became essential rides, and amusement parks competed to provide the biggest and most intricate rides. Read more about the thrill ride in “Roller Coasters.”

Roller Coasters

Princess Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop Died

This week in history — October 16, 1884 — Princess Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop died of breast cancer in Honolulu. She is known today as the philanthropist of Kamehameha Schools, the largest landowner in Hawaii and the largest endowment of all American secondary schools. Read more about the alii in “The Late Mrs. C. R. Bishop.”

“The Late Mrs. C. R. Bishop”
Hawaiian gazette, October 22, 1884, Image 2

Happy birthday Princess Victoria Ka’iulani!

Happy birthday Princess Victoria Ka’iulani! Born on October 16, 1875, she would have been 140 if she were alive today. Read about the crown princess’ 11th birthday in “Birthday of the Princess.”

“Birthday of the Princess”
The daily herald., October 18, 1886, Image 3

Deep-sea Creatures by Mauna Loa Volcano

The deep sea adjacent to Mauna Loa Volcano contained deep-sea creatures such as the goblin shark and angler fish.

In 1922, the lava from Mauna Loa crawled into the ocean and killed deep-sea fish. Their cooked carcasses floated on the surface and washed up on shore, puzzling local fishermen and scientists.

Read more about it in “Monsters from Ocean Depths Unknown to Science.”

“Monsters from Ocean Depths Unknown to Science”
The Washington times, April 2, 1922, Image 51

Hawaii’s First Cars

Today in history–October 8, 1899–people in Honolulu saw cars whizzing past them for the first time. Henry P. Baldwin and Edward D. Tenney drove around their “wagons” without horses!  Austin’s Hawaiian Weekly predicted that the word “automobile” may become a household word. Read more about it in “Hawaii’s First Automobile.”

Hawaii’s First Automobile

Finding Historic Nevada Newspapers Online — NEVADA DIGITAL NEWSPAPER PROJECT

We are excited to share a helpful demonstration how to make the most of your research on Chronicling America . Oscar Giurcovich created this brief tutorial that will guide you to get started and will help you to improve your searching and browsing strategy. You can search among thousands of digitized old newspapers from the state of Nevada and nationwide.

via Finding Historic Nevada Newspapers Online — NEVADA DIGITAL NEWSPAPER PROJECT

Princess Virginia Kapooloku Poomaikelani Died

Today in history — October 2, 1895, Princess Virginia Kapooloku Poomaikelani passed away. She was Queen Kapiolani’s younger sister, and her parents were Princess Kinoiki Kekaulike of Kauai and High Chief Kuhio Kalanianaole of Hilo. Virginia served as Governor of the Big Island from 1884 to 1886.

Read about her funeral arrangements in “Laid to Rest.”

“Laid to Rest”
Hawaiian gazette, October 4, 1895, Page 8

Making Poi with Breadfruit

When Native Hawaiians didn’t have taro to make poi, they used breadfruit. Maui Hawaiians did that during a taro shortage due to diseases that infected taro crop. Read more about it in “Use Bread Fruit Poi.”

“Use Bread Fruit Poi: Maui Natives Are Short of Taro”
Hawaiian gazette, January 2, 1903, Page 3