Congratulations and Thank you, Martha!

Martha Chantiny's profile photoHDNP congratulates Principal Investigator Martha Chantiny on her long-deserved retirement. For almost thirty years, Martha contributed her technical expertise to the UH-system libraries and worked her way to become one of the highest ranking academic librarians in the UH-system.

Martha last served as the department head of Desktop Network Services department and a co-principal investigator of the Hawaii Digital Newspaper Project, administering the digitization of tens of thousands of newspaper pages. From initiating the grant proposal to today, Martha made HDNP possible: she managed digitization and public outreach, managed HDNP’s funding, integrated her technical expertise into HDNP, supervised and trained team members, and coordinated with the Library of Congress.

Martha Chantiny's profile photoMartha has spearheaded and led many archival digitization projects in the past two decades. Furthermore, she has enabled the UH library to lead in the digitization and preservation of historical materials in Asia and the Pacific.

Congratulations for your stellar career, Martha! Thank you for mentoring dozens of faculty, staff, and students at the UH Manoa Library, and we wish you a joyful retirement!


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