The 1895 Counter-Revolution Against the Republic of Hawaii

Provisional Government soldiers watch the Battle of Kamoiliili from the tower of the Executive Building.

Today in history — January 6, 1895 — A counter-revolution against the Republic of Hawaii begins. Two years ago, the Committee of Safety overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy, and the Provisional Government was formed. For the past six months, Queen Liliuokalani supporters planned this counter-revolution without her knowledge.

The Daily Bulletin described the happenings around town on the counter-revolution’s third day:

  • “Washington Place, the town residence of Liliuokalani, was searched yesterday afternoon. Here Charles Clark, whose arrest was reported in yesterday’s issue, was found. Nine rifles and five pistols, of rich style, were captured.”
  • “There is a large motley crowd constantly in front of the station, at the post office and along Bethel street, watching the sallying forth of guards and officers, and the bringing in of prisoners. …”
  • “The Queen is still at Washington Place, notwithstanding reports to the contrary.”
  • “A newsboy named Simpson … went as far as Sans Souci the first day of the fight. He saw a Japanese dropped in the road by a bullet from the mountain.”
  • “A Springfield rifle was picked up at Waialae this afternoon by a Portuguese hackman.”
  • “A barrel of poi and two of salmon besides two bombs with a coast wrapped around them were found at Diamond Head and were brought to the police station this afternoon.”

Three days later, on January 9, 1895, the counter-revolution ends with a few soldiers killed, and the Republic of Hawaii persevered.

Read more about it in “The 1895 Counter-Revolution in Hawaii.”

The 1895 Counter-Revolution in Hawaii


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