Hawaii’s First Portuguese Group

Today in history — September 30, 1878 — The first large group of Portuguese arrived in Hawaii. They came from the Madeira Islands and sailed for 116 days. They imported their culture: malasada, ukulele, and Portuguese sweet bread became a part of Hawaii’s culture.  The Pacific Commercial Advertiser described the immigrants:

They are a cleanly looking, well-behaved set, with the old fashioned polite manners of the Portuguese and Spanish races. The more we have of this sort of immigration the better. They are, as a race … temperate, painstaking, thrifty and law abiding people. They come here to stay, and they do not send their earnings out of the country, as do some other nationalities.

Read more about them in “Arrival of the Portuguese Immigrants.”

“Arrival of the Portuguese Immigrants”
The Pacific commercial advertiser, October 05, 1878, Image 2


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