Duke Kahanamoku’s Birthday

Happy birthday Duke Paoa Kahanamoku! Today in history — August 24, 1890 — the future first Native Hawaiian gold medalist was born.

As a grown up, Kahanamoku broke the world record in swimming and popularized surfing in mainland United States and Australia.

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Duke Kahanamoku in U.S. Newspapers


Happy birthday, Prince Albert Kamehameha!

Happy birthday, Prince Albert Kamehameha! The last child born from a reigning Hawaiian monarch entered the world with fanfare on May 20, 1858. A gun salute was heard around Honolulu. Raised flags and colorful streamers festooned homes and businesses. At Iolani Palace, children visited the newborn with gifts, including a baby carriage with an embroidered pillow and three silk flags.

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Prince Albert Kamehameha

Queen Kapiolani, 52nd birtday, 1886.

Happy Birthday, Queen Kapiolani! Today in history — Dec. 31, 1834 — Kapiolani was born. On her fifty-second birthday, The Pacific Commercial Advertiser exclaimed, “… the Queen is one of the best exemplars in her own life and person of their potency and virtue.”

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“The Queen’s Birthday” (first column from left, first article)
Pacific commercial advertiser, December 31, 1886, Image 2



Falling among the great Christian and universal holidays, the birthday of Queen Kapiolani comes opportunely for its celebration. Fifty-two years ago this day Queen Kapiolani was born. The times were then rude and the people untutored, but the dawn of a new and better civilization had broken upon this new life which was destined to rise to honor and distinction among her race and nation. Since Her Majesty’s birth marvellous changes have been worked in this country and the Queen is one of the best exemplars in her own life and person of their potency and virtue. The general public recognition of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani is due to her exalted station and personal character.

[It is essential to see how different people portrayed history, to get a clearer view of the past (and the present and future as well sometimes).]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser…

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King Kalakaua’s Happy Returns

Happy Birthday David Laʻamea Kalakaua!

Entering the world near the Punchbowl Crater, the last king of Hawaii reigned from February 12, 1874 through January 20, 1891. The “Merrie Monarch” was known for throwing big parties for the entire kingdom and played an instrumental role in reviving Native Hawaiian arts, including hula. After his year-round trip in 1881, Kalakaua became the first king to travel around the world.

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King Kalakaua’s Silver Jubilee

Queen Liliuokalani Cancelled Her Birthday Luau

Hau’oli lā hānau, happy birthday Queen Liliuokalani! On her sixty-four birthday in 1910, Liliuokalani cancelled her birthday luau because Prince David Kawananakoa did not RSVP, and she did not know why. Read more about it in “Luau Abandoned.”

Luau Abandoned
Honolulu times, October 1, 1910, Page 3

Prince Albert Kamehameha’s Birthday

Today in history — May 20, 1858 — Prince Albert Kamehameha was born to King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma.

Fanfare surrounded the future king of Hawaii. To celebrate, people raised flags and hung streamers at home, and twenty-one guns shot in salute.

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“Prince Albert of Kamehameha”

Kuhio’s 41st Birthday

This week in history — March 26, 1871 — Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole celebrated his forty-first birthday in Washington DC.  Hawaii’s Congressional delegate received congratulations from the U.S. Congress. A Connecticut newspaper described him:

… there isn’t a more popular man in Congress than the dusky Hawaiian. A territorial delegate is usually supposed to be more ornamental than useful, but Prince Jonah is both. He’s a handsome man, with a cute little mustache, and a favorite with the ladies. What’s more to the point, he always gets what he is after, and Congress has yet to ‘turn him down’ on any proposition he has advanced.

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