Honolulu Weekly Online

From Dore Minatodani, Hawaiian Collection Librarian:

Honolulu Weekly is now available online via eVols: https://evols.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10524/55438

Honolulu WeeklyThe Honolulu Weekly was published between 1991-2013. Honolulu welcomed the Weekly as an alternative to the Honolulu dailies, which offered a fresh take on Honolulu’s music and culture scene and issues of the day. And because things never really change, much of the Weekly‘s content remains relevant today.
This project has been a long time in the making, almost 4 years exactly. We thank the following people for their help and persistence:
  • Laurie Carlson, Publisher, Honolulu Weekly, for permission to digitize and post online and for bringing the Honolulu Weekly into being
  • Martha Chantiny, retired Department Head, Desktop Network Services (DNS), for championing this project
  • Kathleen Luscheck and Daniel Ishimitsu, DNS, for getting this QC-ed, OCR-ed, and uploaded to eVols
  • Amy Carlson, Collection Services Division Head, Hamilton Library
  • John Awakuni, Eric Fujiwara and Lyn Nagoshi — the library’s fiscal officers
  • Nora Goya and Wendy Wong, fiscal staff, Hamilton Library
  • Stu Dawrs and Eleanor Kleiber, Pacific Collection librarians
  • Jodie Mattos, Dore Minatodani, and Kapena Shim, Hawaiian Collection librarians, for authorizing co-funding for this project
  • Advanced Micro-Image, digitizing contractor
Honolulu Weekly on eVols