Prince Kuhio’s Birthday

Today in history — March 26, 1911 — Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole celebrated his birthday at Colonel Sam Parker’s Pearl Harbor home. About fifty people, including government officials, attended this luau. Read more about it in “Party Is Given on Delegate’s Birthday.”

“Party Is Given on Delegate’s Birthday: Col. Sam Parker’s Home Scene of Merrymaking to Honor Kuhio”
Evening bulletin, March 27, 1911, Page 6


Prince Kuhio Arrested in Washington D.C. for “Disorderly Conduct”

This month in history — January 1904 — Hawaii congressional delegate Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole said policemen in Washington D.C. hit him from behind, tackled him to ground, and arrested him for “disorderly conduct” in a billiard saloon. But they said the Hawaiian prince was arguing with a man, they told him to quiet down, and he told them he was a congressional delegate and acted abusively.

Which side do you believe? Read more about it in “Kuhio’s Account of His Arrest.”

“Kuhio’s Account of His Arrest.”
The Hawaiian star, January 22, 1904, Image 1

Prince Kuhio Ordered to Leave

This week in history – November 1903 — Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole and his wife were  asked to leave a theatre box because he was a “negro.” Read more about it in “Kuhio Ordered from Theater Box.”

“Kuhio Ordered from Theater Box”
Pacific commercial advertiser, November 14, 1903, Page 8, Image 9

The Last Queen of Hawaii Died

Today in history — November 11, 1917 — Queen Liliuokalani died at age seventy-eight on a Sunday morning. Church bells rang in mourning. The Tacoma Times described her last years:

“… she has retired to her beautiful home here surrounded by a few chosen friends. … she has continued, in a limited way, the pomp and ceremony of the days when she was queen.”

Her nephew Prince Kuhio Kalanianaole stayed with her at her bedside.

Read more about it in “Queen Who Wrote Famous ‘Aloha’ Passes to Her Rest.”

“Queen Who Wrote Famous ‘Aloha’ Passes to Her Rest”
Tacoma times, November 12, 1917, Page 5

Kuhio’s 41st Birthday

This week in history — March 26, 1871 — Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole celebrated his forty-first birthday in Washington DC.  Hawaii’s Congressional delegate received congratulations from the U.S. Congress. A Connecticut newspaper described him:

… there isn’t a more popular man in Congress than the dusky Hawaiian. A territorial delegate is usually supposed to be more ornamental than useful, but Prince Jonah is both. He’s a handsome man, with a cute little mustache, and a favorite with the ladies. What’s more to the point, he always gets what he is after, and Congress has yet to ‘turn him down’ on any proposition he has advanced.

Read more about “Prince Cupid” in “Hawaii’s Royal Delegate Celebrates 41st Birthday.”

Prince Kuhio’s Zoo

Kuhio owned an “odd private collection” of animals, according to Tennessee’s Lawrence Democrat. He reportedly collected rare birds during his trip around the world.

Kuhio kept a pet turtle in his front yard (right image). With an estimated age of 750 years old, the turtle served as a pet to Kuhio’s royal family for almost 150 years.

Read more about Kuhio’s zoo in “Congressman’s Own Zoo.”

“Congressman’s Own Zoo”
Lawrence democrat, March 31, 1905, Image 2