First Taxi Cab in Hawaii

This month in history — January 1914 — Hawaii’s first taxis debuted in Honolulu. Prominent citizens rode in the seven taxi cabs, and the cabs, all Ford models, paraded through the main streets.

“Call a taxi!,” the Honolulu Star-Bulletin exclaimed. “Whether it be a trip round the island, a jaunt to the Pali or a ride about town–call a taxi.”

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“Taxicab Company Opens for Business Here”
Honolulu star-bulletin, January 24, 1914, Page 5

Hawaii’s First Airplane Flight

Today in history — December 31, 1910 — Hawaii witnessed its first aircraft flight. Pilot James “Bud” Mars dazzled 3,000 onlookers as he flew his brand-new, never-flown Diez-Shriver biplane over them in Moanalua field and between hills.Hawaii's First Airplane Flight

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Emil Melville’s Balloon Ride

Up, up and away! This month in history–March 1889–before airplanes, hot-air balloons were becoming popular.

In Hawaii, Emil Melville would attempt the first human flight and first manned ascent on a balloon, perform acrobatic stunts, and hang from a trapeze.

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First Public Airport

Today in history–March 21, 1927–Hawaii’s first official civilian airfield, John Rodgers Airport, was dedicated. It was renamed Honolulu International Airport and became among the busiest U.S. airports with over 21 million passengers per year.

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Trans-Pacific Travel

The First Motorcycle in Hawaii

Today in history–February 15, 1901–the motorcycle debuted in Hawaii. Mr. Whitman, manager of the Tribune bicycle agency, took the very first spin around downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. Read about the first motorcycle ride in Hawaii in “First Motorcycles in Hawaii.”

First Motorcycles in Hawaii

Hawaii’s First Photograph

Today in history — May 17, 1845 — Theophilus Metcalf took Hawaii’s first photograph. The  daguerreotype portrayed Timoteo Haalilio and William Richards in Paris (left image) as diplomats for the Kingdom of Hawaii.

After returning to Hawaii, Metcalf started his photography business as Hawaii’s first commercial photographer. Read more about it in “Early Photography in Hawaii.”

“Early Photography in Hawaii”

First Filming in Hawaii

This week in history — May 10, 1898 — Edison photographers filmed the first filming in Hawaii. The two photographers traveled around Honolulu and filmed scenes.

The year before, the Hawaiian Opera House featured the first movie showing in Hawaii, which included seven short films, such as “A Watermelon Contest,” and “Wonderful Contrivance.”  Each of the silent film was less than a minute long.

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“First Night at the Movies in Hawaii”