historical articles & topic guides

Historical newspapers offer data and information for historical research. As the rough draft of Hawaii’s history, newspapers shaped the politics and events in Hawaii

Subject & Topic Guides

Chronicling America’s Hawaii subject guidesAnnexation of Hawaii | From Territory to Statehood

The University of Hawaii at Manoa Library’s topic guides:

Businesses & Industries — WhalingSugar | Pineapple | Coffee | Labor Strikes | Tourism | Trans-Pacific Travel

EventsHula | SurfingLeprosy | Pearl Harbor | Mosquitoes in Hawaii | The 1895 Counter-Revolution in Hawaii | The Chinatown Fires | Trans-Pacific Cable | Statehood

Hawaiian RoyaltyKing Kamehameha IV | Queen Emma Rooke | King Kamehameha V: Lot Kamehameha

PlacesDiamond Head | Haleakala | Kawaiahao Church

Micronesia — Guam | Missionaries in Micronesia

Historical Feature Articles


Sections — Business | Children’s Page | Classified Ads | Genealogical Research | Lost and Found | Obituaries | Public Notices (Legal Ads) | Religion | Shipping News | Society | Theatrical Amusements | Women’s Section

Columns & Beats — Agriculture | American Legion | Automobile News | Books for the Bookish: Book Reviews | Food Conservation during World War I | Josher Bluffem | Military | Pineapple Recipes | Poetry | Political CartoonsSchool Notes | Boy & Girl Scouts | YMCA

Hawaiian SectionsLei Mokihana: The Garden Island’s Hawaiian-language Column | Pacific Commercial Advertiser

Hawaii Newspapers — Hawaii Newspaper Categories | Bloopers in Newspaper Layouts | Odds and Ends in Hawaii Newspapers

Hawaii Newspaper Wars — The Pacific Commercial Advertiser Against Hula | The Bystanders | Censorship through Black Magic: The Pacific Commercial Advertiser’s Brush with a Kahuna | Claus Spreckels Sweetens the News: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Buy ‘Em | Hawaii Holomua’s Fiery Insults | Hawaii Holomua & the 1895 Counter-Revolution | The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy & the Establishment Newspapers |


Animals — Animal Parts Wanted | Horseracing Ads | Illegal Pet Mongoose in San Francisco | Mongooses | Ostrich Farming

Death & GhostsBurying Loved Ones Ads | Honolulu’s Cemetery Shortage | The Punchbowl Ghost

Health – Ads — The 1895 Cholera Epidemic | Aloha Tooth Powder | Primo Beer’s Health Benefit Claims | Taroena

Japanese — Buddhism | Picture Brides | Schools | Shop Ads

Native Hawaiians on the U.S. MainlandIosepa, Utah | Sutter County, California | A Washington Town Named After a Hawaiian: Friday Harbor

Political Cartoons — Political Cartoons | Prince Kuhio’s Re-election  | Link McCandless |  For Prohibition |  The Evening Bulletin Against Prohibition

Political History –The Election Riot of 1874  | Bayonet Constitution | The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy & the Establishment Newspapers | Hawaii Holomua & the 1895 Counter-Revolution of Hawaii | Native Hawaiians Against U.S. Annexation | Becoming the Territory of Hawaii | The Outdoor Circle

ProfilesChun Afong — Hawaii’s First Millionaire | Chang Apana, Charlie Chan’s Inspiration | Diamond Head Charlie | Duke Kahanamoku | Koolau the Leper and the Kalalau Valley Rebellion

Claus Spreckels – “The Sugar King of Hawaii” — The Sugar Daddies: The Spreckels Family Feud | Claus Spreckels Sweetens the News: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Buy ‘Em

Tourism — Hotels in Waikiki | Waikiki Inn

Volcanoes — Volcanoes and Hawaii Newspapers | Jules Tavernier, the Volcano Artist | Playing with Pele’s Fire | Puna’s Volcano Water

Hawaiian Royalty

After the OverthrowPrince Kuhio’s Re-election Cartoons | Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole in U.S. Newspapers | The Kawananakoa Family

Princess Victoria Kaiulani Engagement Rumors |  Coverage in U.S. Mainland Newspapers  |  Touring the U.S. Mainland

Queen Liliuokalani Part I: Trip to the United States | Part II: At the White House | Part I: Meets U.S. President Cleveland Again | The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy & the Establishment Newspapers | Part II: Preventing U.S. Annexation |  Tahitian Suitor

King David Kalakaua — The Election Riot of 1874 | Bayonet Constitution | Coronation | Silver Jubilee | Coverage in U.S. Newspapers | Travels Around the World | Last Trip

Queen Kapiolani Part I: Trip to the United States | Part II: At the White House | Coverage in U.S. Newspapers

King Kamehameha IV & Queen Emma Rooke — Prince Albert Kamehameha | The Election Riot of 1874

Firsts in Hawaii

GeneralHotels in Waikiki | Newspaper Comic Strips | Ostrich Farming

Air Travel First Flight to Heaven (Balloon Flight & Death) | Emil Melville’s Balloon Ride | Airplane Flight

CarsAutomobiles | Buick | Ford | Locomobile

Sports — Baseball ReportingBasketball | Golf | Duke Kahanamoku (first Olympian from Hawaii and first Native Hawaiian Olympics Gold Medalist) | Skating Rink

TechnologyPhotography | Gas Lights | Sewage System | Electric Lights | Motorcycles | Movie Night


Sections — Books for the Bookish: Book Reviews |  Poetry | Short Stories about Hawaii

Hawaiian — Banjo Ukulele | Hawaiian Guitar LessonsThe Pacific Commercial Advertiser Against Hula | The Ukulele Craze on the U.S. Mainland

Hawaiian Performers —  Hawaiian Music Record Ads | The Bird of Paradise: A Broadway Show | Hawaii in World Fairs | Hula on the U.S. Mainland | A Night in Honolulu: A Musical Play | The Royal Hawaiian Band | Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe

Artist – Non-Local, Western — Jules Tavernier, the Volcano Artist

Writers – Non-Local, Western — Jack London in Hawaii |  Robert Louis Stevenson |  Mark Twain | Charles Warren Stoddard

Food & Drinks

Homemaking & Recipes —  Food Conservation during World War I | Pineapple Recipes | Women’s Section

Native Hawaiian — ‘Awa (Kava): A Polynesian Drink | The 1911 Prohibition on Poi | Luaus | Etymology of Luau

Hawaii Ads — Primo Beer’s Health Benefit Claims | Dole’s Pineapple Juice | Pinectar JuiceTaroena | Puna’s Volcano Water

U.S. Mainland Ads —  Kona Coffee | Pineapples | Dole’s Pineapple Juice


HawaiianCanoe Racing | Duke Kahanamoku | Shark Hunting

Sports – WesternDuke Kahanamoku | First Golf GamesEarly Baseball Reporting | Early Basketball Games | Horseracing Ads

Religion & Artifacts

Native HawaiianDigging Up Bones of Native Hawaiian Warriors in a Heiau | Feline Karma | Hawaiian Artifacts | Traditional Hawaiian Medicine and Westernization | Violent Kahuna Therapy?

Non-HawaiianReligion Section | Buddhism | Christian Missionaries


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