Advertisements: Burying Loved Ones in Hawaii

People may think of cemeteries as spooky, haunted grounds filled with dead people, but they also memorialize people who once lived on this earth. Burying loved ones requires purchasing the necessary good and services including gravestones, flowers, undertakers, and embalming, and historical Hawaii newspapers’ advertisements publicized them.

A visit to a graveyard usually means you bring your flowers or food offerings to your loved ones’ resting place. Above the Royal Mausoleum, Mauna Ala, where the members of Hawaiian royalty rest in peace, Florist David K. Baker offered his leis, evergreens, and carnations.

Ad text: “David K. Baker, florist. Nuuanu Valley, above the Mausoleum. All orders for flowers and plants will receive prompt and faithful atttenion [sic]. Free delivery to all parts within the city limits. Leis, Evergreens and Carnations a Specialty. Telephone no. 747.
David K. Baker, Florist advertisement from newspaper published in Hawaii July 9, 1896
The Independent., July 09, 1896, Image 3

Gravestones come in various shapes and sizes and are usually white, grey, or black and made of granite, marble, limestone, concrete, or natural rocks. Here are some ads for gravestones:

White Bronze Monuments are endorsed by the Scientific American as being strictly everlasting. They are also more artistic and 40 per cent. cheaper than any stone. Call at office, corner King and Bethel Sts, and see samples, with some 500 beautiful designs. H. Cannon, agent for Haw. Is.
Evening bulletin., March 10, 1904, 3:30 O’CLOCK EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

Granite and Bronze Monuments at Prices to Suit. Hawaiian Iron Fence and Monument Works, Ltd. 176-180 King Street.
Evening bulletin., March 10, 1904, 3:30 O’CLOCK EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

Text: J.D. Lane’s Marble Works, Bethel Street, near King. Manufacturers of monuments: headstones, tombs, tablets, marble mantels, washstand tops, and tiling is black and white marble. Marble work of every description. Made to order at the lower possible rates. Monuments and headstones cleaned and reset. Orders from the other Islands promptly attended to. 886
The Hawaiian gazette., March 22, 1882, Image 1

Below, these ads announce the services of undertakers, embalmers, and funeral directors:

Text: “C. E. Williams, Undertaker. / Undertaking in all its Branches
Thoroughly and Satisfactorily attended to / COFFINS & CASKETS
Of all Descriptions and the Latest Styles of Trimmings, Linings, and Burial Robes always on hand.
Hearses and Carriages for Funerals / AT REASONABLE RATES
Office No. 111 Fort Street. 978 Telephone and Night Alarm, No. 76.

Text: “Henry H. Williams / The progressive undertaker of Honolulu with the city furniture store
Good embalming a specialty… The very latest methods employed in caring for the dead. A full stock of the best and up-to-date undertaking goods and paraphernalia.
Agents for Lane Bros. / Monuments & Head Stones / Remember there is no other Mr. Williams connected with this establishment ; so make no more mistakes.
Office, 1146 and 1148 Fort St., Love Building.
Phone Main 64. Residence Cor. Beretania and Richards Sts. Phone and Night Call Blue 3561.

Evening bulletin., January 24, 1903, Page SIX, Image 6

Excerpt from the ad: “Undertakers and Funeral Directors. Hearses, Hacks, and Wagonettes Furnished. Tombstones and monuments. Embalming. Under Personal Supervision of Ed. A. Williams, F. D., who graduated from Clark’s School of Perfect Embalming in May, 1894.
The Independent., November 01, 1895, Image 3

Text: “E. C. Williams / First-Class Service – – Office open day and night. / Fine caskets, shrouds and robes of every description
First-class embalmer from S.F. / Ladies in attendance
Tel. main 179. / Honolulu Undertaking Parlors / 1120 Fort Street / Black Front.”

Evening bulletin., January 24, 1903, Page SIX, Image 6

-Alice Kim


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