Advertisements: The 1895 Cholera Epidemic in Hawaii

In 1895, from the ship Belgic from China and Japan, the cholera epidemic hit Honolulu, killing 64 people and worrying others. Hobron Drug Co. ran advertisements about remedies for cholera in Hawaii newspapers.

A 25-cent remedy for cholera:

Text: “Stop disease before it really gets started. Then it is easy. During the cholera epidemic in New York, the sun offered a valuable prize for the best formula for a cholera remedy. Among the number submitted was one which the Board of Examiners found that gave the very best results. This was awarded the prize and has since been called sun cholera mixture. Anticipating a strong demand for cholera remedies we have put this up in bottles ready for immediate use. Would you not feel better to have somehting [sic] of the kind in the house to take before a physician can reach you? 25 cents per bottle
Horbron Drug Co.”

The Hawaiian gazette., September 10, 1895, Page 7, Image 7

Another 25-cent remedy for cholera:

Text: “Stop disease before it really gets started. Then it’s easy. Cholera is a complaint that comes suddenly. You must act promptly. Dr. Hall’s remedy for cholera can be relied upon. Nothing equals it for all bowel complaints. It acts promptly. Price 25 Cents
Hobron Drug Co. Corner Fort and King Sts.”

The Independent., September 03, 1895, Image 2

Painkillers not only relieves people of pain, but also cures cholera, cholera morbus, diarrhea, dysentery, and summer complaint.

Text: “He ate green fruit and at night had cholera morbus. His mother brought a bottle of Perry Davis’ painkiller and by morning he was well. Painkiller is a sure and safe cure for cholera, cholera morbus, diarrhoea [sic], dysentery, and summer complaint. For 46 years it has stood every test. Sold by all druggists. Perry Davis & Son, Providence R.I. Pain killer and all the other leading preventative and cures of cholera, as well as all the best disinfectants are for sale by the Hollister Drug Co. 523 Fort Street.”
The Hawaiian star., August 31, 1895, Image 3

Hobron Drug Co. also advertises its soda made from cholera-free water, ensuring the safety of the soda.

Text: “Thirst can be quenched at the fountain without swallowing a lot of cholera germs. All water used for carbonating comes from the People’s Ice Co. This artesian water is distilled and filtered several times. It is subjected to a heat of about 300 degrees and all disease germs killed and the organic matter is eliminated by filtration. Thus treated, it is as pure as water can be rendered. No harm in any amount of our soda. The Alhambra is a new drink. Ten people out of every ten who try it pronounce it delicious.
Remember we are headquarters for Boiled Soda Water. Hobron Drug Co. / Druggists.”

The Hawaiian star., August 31, 1895, Image 3


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