Agriculture Columns

Since contact with the Western world in 1778, Hawaii has grown and exported crops including sugar, coffee, pineapple, and macadamia nuts. A major economic engine, the agriculture industry shaped Hawaii’s culture, economy, and environment.

Hawaii newspapers reported agriculture news and provided advice to farmers in agriculture columns, which you can find on Chronicling America:

a. The Garden Island ran the column “Items Interest Our Homesteaders” by county agent G.W. Sahr, which contains advice on raising crops and livestock.

Search Strategy (click on link): “Items Interest Our Homesteaders” within 5 words of each other
Newspaper: The Garden Island

b. The Garden Island ran the column “The University Extension Letter” by the College of Hawaii (later known as University of Hawaii)

Search Strategy: “University Extension Letter” as a phrase
Newspaper: The Garden Island
Phrase: University Extension Letter
c. The Hawaiian Gazette ran the section “Sugar and Plantation News” every Friday from July 1914 to 1918.
Agriculture news can also be found in some business pages.
– Alice Kim

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