Aloha Tooth Powder

Before toothpaste, people cleaned their teeth using tooth powder.

In Hawaii, businessman T. W. Hobron’s ventures offered the Aloha Tooth Powder. On the corner of Fort and King Street, Hobron Drug company sold this tooth powder exclusively. Aloha Tooth Powder’s ads ran in Hawaii newspapers from 1898 to 1905, and some of the ads can be seen below.

– Alice Kim

Hawaiian star, March 7, 1901, Page 8

During the last few days a very strong smell of acid was noticed along Fort street. Upon inquiry several parties gave as their belief that some chemist was trying to make tooth powder out of the bones dug up the other day.
The daily herald, July 15, 1887, Image 3

Aloha Tooth Powder
Daily bulletin, Feb. 7, 1895, P. 4

Aloha Tooth Powder 2
Hawaiian star, August 24, 1899, Page 8

Aloha Tooth Powder
Hawaiian star, July 27, 1900, Page 8

Aloha Tooth Powder
Hawaiian star, Dec. 5, 1905, P. 3