American Legion Page

After World War I, scores of veterans returned from Europe to the United States, and some started the American Legion in 1919. This non-profit veterans service organization consisted of veterans of all military branches.

By the early 1920s, veterans also formed an American Legion branch on Kauai, and The Garden Island published the “American Legion Section,” later called the “American Legion Page,” every two weeks from February 14, 1922.

In the first issue, the page’s editor invited contribution from members:

“Dear Buddy: This is your section and we want it to contain what interests you. So it is up to you to let us know what is going on.”

The section contained humurous articles and local and national legion news, including announcements and summaries of the monthly meetings.
– Alice Kim
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The American Legion Page on Chronicling America

The Garden Island., February 14, 1922, Page 7, Image 7

The Garden Island., February 28, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

The Garden Island., March 14, 1922, Image 2

The Garden Island., August 29, 1922, Image 3

The Garden Island., September 12, 1922, Image 7


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