Bicycles in the News

In the Independent‘s news briefs about bicycles below, editor Edward Norrie personifies a lost bicycle, reports a bicycle crash with not only the bicycle being broken, and encourages bike riders to shoot dogs:

“A bicycle has been impounded and is at the police station. If not claimed during the next three weeks it will be shot.”
The Independent., July 10, 1895, Image 3

“The impounded bicycle has found an owner, and its life is saved.”
The Independent., July 12, 1895, Image 3

George Bruns and a native boy on a bicycle had a collision yesterday evening. One broken bicycle and one broken-up boy is the result.
The Independent., October 30, 1895, Image 3

“Bicycle riders annoyed by dogs are justified in shooting them if necessary.”
The Independent., November 14, 1895, Image 3

– Alice Kim


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