Chun Afong — Hawaii’s First Millionaire

On his way to the California Gold Rush, a Chinese man instead ended up in Hawaii–and became Hawaii’s first Chinese millionaire.

In 1849, Chun Afong (Ah Fong) left behind his wife and son in his hometown, Zhongshan (Xiangshan) village in China. He settled in the Kingdom of Hawaii, with about a hundred Chinese, and opened a shop near King Street. In only six years, the Chinese immigrant made a fortune in retailing, real estate, sugar, rice, and opium.

Afong married Julia Fayerweather, a seventeen-year-old granddaughter of a Hawaiian chief, and raised four sons and thirteen daughters. 

In the late 1800s, Afong offered a $350,000 dowry to whoever married one of his daughters. Louisiana’s The Opelousas Courier said,

All the Ah Fong girls are petite have peculiarly graceful ways, winning voices and a certain vivacity that has no comparable counterpart in American life. … [They] are good singers, and have the love of the Hawaiians for string music.

In 1889, Afong returned to China with his younger son Toney to the village of Meixi. The elder Afong earned money through business and funded projects to improve the village.

Afong died in 1906, and his family fought for his fortune in court.

– Alice Kim

Note: Chun Afong’s name was also spelled as as Chong Afong, Chun Ah Fong, and Chen Fang.

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