Classified Ads

A newspaper’s source of revenue, the classified ads often contain help wanted ads, ads for renting or selling homes, business directory, legal ads, lost and found, and announcements.

Classified ads contain a wealth of information also for researchers as they can use them to research the following:

Job opportunities in an area and for certain groups of people (e.g. women, ethnic groups, age groups, etc.)
Desired qualifications for jobs
Cost of living
Where people got their materials for building (e.g. rocks and metals)
Everyday routine
People’s needs (e.g. supplies and food)

Below are examples of classified ads with useful data and links to classified ads.

Examples of Classifed Ads with Useful Data

You can find a lot of data from this classified ads page.


Researchers can learn where people got their materials.
This ad is advertising Hawaiian-Japanese Ballasting Co., which advertised its black sand and coral rocks. They used coral rocks to build roads and sidewalks.

Help wanted ads show the job opportunities available, including those for women and people of certain ethnic groups, and the desired qualifications. This help watned ad asks for a “good Chinese cook” preferably married.

It used to common for ads to ask for workers of certain ethnic, age, and gender groups, such as young German boy as an assistant or a young Hawaiian who can speak both Hawaiian and English. Obviously today one can’t hire people based on their ethnicity, gender, or marital status.

– Alice Kim

Search Strategies: Newspapers with Classified Ads

Evening Bulletin – “Wants”

Newspaper: Evening Bulletin, with the phrase: “business directory”

Newspaper: Evening Bulletin, search within 5 words: “little ads with big results”

The Garden Island – “Classified Ads”
Hawaiian Star – “Classified Ads”

Newspaper: Hawaiian Star, with the phrase: “classified ads,” with all the words: “wanted sale”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – “Wants”

Newspaper: Honolulu Star-Bulletin, with the phrase: “Business Guide”

Maui News – “classified ads”

Newspaper: Maui News, with the phrase: classified ads


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