Earliest Golf Games

Fore! Did you know that Hawaii has 77 golf courses and 1,539 holes? Since when did golf become so big in Hawaii?

Golf started in Hawaii in 1895, two years after the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. The Daily Bulletin makes the earliest mention of golf in a Hawaii newspaper on April 16, 1895:

Golf has been introduced in Honolulu. It is played at Punahou near the college. This is a favorite Scottish summer game.

Five months later, The Hawaiian Gazette suggests the land in the back of Oahu College (now Punahou School) as “an admirable place for golf links.”

In January 3, 1896, The Hawaiian Gazette reports that six people, including President Dole and Walter Dillingham, formed a golf club, which plans to “[awaken] genuine golf enthusiasm on the islands.”

– Alice Kim


“Local and General News”
Daily bulletin, April 16, 1895, Page 5

“Local Brevities”

The Hawaiian gazette., September 13, 1895, Page 5, Image 5

“Game of Golf”
Hawaiian gazette, January 3, 1896, Image 1


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