First Comic Strips in Hawaii Newspapers

The earliest newspaper comic strips appeared in North America in the late 1800s, and the first comic strips in Hawaii debuted in the Evening Bulletin on January 30, 1904.

All in color, the first comic strips consisted of seven multi-panel strips of comedic cartoons. In “Pat’s Great Idea,” a man moving flour on a wheelbarrow tries to turn it into a sled. In “The Teasers: The Kids String Bobby Instead,” a boy named Bobby tries to pull off a prank by offering two children to take their pictures to instead dump water and ash onto them.
Unfortunately, probably due to the lack of reader interest, the Evening Bulletin eventually stopped publishing the comic strips. However, comic strips would eventually find their way back into Hawaii’s newspapers and still appear in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser today.

– Alice Kim
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After the Evening Bulletin’s January 30, 1904, the comic strips appeared every other Saturday.

Links to the First Comic Strips

Evening bulletin., January 30, 1904, 3:00 O’CLOCK EDITION, Image 9

Evening bulletin., February 13, 1904, 2:30 O’CLOCK EDITION, COMIC COLORED SUPPLEMENT, Image 9

Evening bulletin., February 27, 1904, 2:30 O’CLOCK EDITION, Image 9


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