Jack London in Hawaii

Writer Jack London introduced Americans to surfing in 1907.

For two days, London swam in the cool, “crystal clear” waters of Waikiki Beach, hearing the waves “hissing and churning.”  Paddling over and through the waves, he constantly dodged them. When the waves pounded him, London rolled underwater to shore. London eventually caught waves by the end of his first day.

Afterwards, as a “sunburned, skin-peeling Mercury,” London rested, with his sunburn stinging him for days.

In their first visit to Hawaii in 1907, London and his wife Charmian sailed their yacht Snark to Pearl Harbor, examined the sugarcane machinery at the Ewa Plantation, and walked through the dune-like landscape of Haleakala. In Kailua-Kona, Jack London read his works at a gathering in a house. In Molokai, Jack London visited the leprosy settlement and later wrote a candid firsthand account. The Londons have attended dinners and bathing parties, and their names appeared in the Society pages. After the Londons left Hawaii, his checks got returned to Hilo merchants.

The Londons visited again in 1915, this time for ten months. They met Queen Liliuokalani, Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, and Duke Kahanamoku. Jack London delivered a speech at a banquet, advocating restricting immigration. At Kauai, the Londons rested, and Jack London worked on his dog novels.

Shortly after returning to his ranch on Sonoma Mountain, California, Jack London died when he was almost finished composing a Hawaiian novel.

Reporting his death, The Pacific Commercial Advertiser eulogizes London:

“[The news of London’s death] comes as more than a shock. It brings the grief that accompanies the death of a near and a loved relative. Hawaii has lost a great and a good friend.”

One of the first writers to earn fame through their fiction, Jack London showcased Hawaii to American readers through his essays and short stories, and his short story collections included The House of Pride and On the Makaloa Mat.

– Alice Kim

Note: Read more about the Londons’ 1907 South Seas adventures in Through the South Seas with Jack London.

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  1. […] Today is the 100th anniversary of Jack London’s death. Days before Nov. 22, 1916, the famed American writer was completing a Hawaiian novel. Read about Jack London’s time in Hawaii in “Jack London in Hawaii.” […]

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