Josher Bluffem

Have you ever heard of Josher Bluffem?

In 1910, The Hawaiian Gazette ran the weekly satirical column “The Adventures of Josher Bluffem,” which provides a first-person narrative of Josher Bluffem. The fictional character finds himself in fictional adventures and interviews local public figures in his witty dialogues.

The column ran without a byline, so the author is unknown.

– Alice Kim

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“The Adventures of Josher Bluffem” Columns from Chronicling America

“A Learned Genius Discourses of Art”
The Hawaiian gazette., April 05, 1910, Page 6, Image 6

“The Man Who Would Be Mayor”
The Hawaiian gazette. May 17, 1910, Image 6

“Pinched — But Escapes” (Josher Bluffem goes to the police station)
The Hawaiian gazette., June 28, 1910, Image 8

“Der Musikmeister” (Josher Bluffem encounters Henry, director of the Royal Hawaiian Band)
The Hawaiian gazette., July 05, 1910, Image 6


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