Kona Coffee Ads

Tired? Try some Hawaiian caffeine.

Hawaii’s coffee industry never became as big as the sugar and pineapples industries at their peak. However, they would not carry the premium that Kona coffee would. Grown in rich, volcanic soil of Kona, Hawaii; the premium coffee, is now one of the most expensive coffees in the world. And unlike the other two industries, Kona coffee still remains in Hawaii today.

Kona coffee were exported as early as the late 1800s, and its ads started showing up in American newspapers. They usually emphasize flavor, quality, strength, and purity.

The advertised coffee companies included May’s Old Kona Coffee, McChesney Coffee Co., Wing Brand, Mayflower Pure Kona Coffee, Kamehameha Brand, AMFAC Special Kona Coffee, and Hawaiian Coffee Co, and their ads can be seen below.

-Alice Kim

The Honolulu republican., January 15, 1901, Page EIGHT, Image 8

The Garden Island., August 10, 1920, Page 6, Image 6

The Garden Island., July 27, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

The Maui news., August 06, 1920, Page TWO, Image 2

The Hawaiian star., February 20, 1911, SECOND EDITION, 2nd Section, Page TWELVE, Image 12

The Maui news., July 22, 1921, Page TWO, Image 2

Evening bulletin., August 05, 1904, 3:30 O’CLOCK EDITION, Page FIVE, Image 5

The Maui news., December 21, 1922, Page FOUR, Image 4

The Maui news., October 03, 1922, Page FIVE, Image 5

The Maui news., August 05, 1921, Page TWO, Image 2

Polynesian, February 9, 1861, Image 4

The Hawaiian gazette., September 25, 1894, Image 3

The Maui news, October 06, 1922, Page FIVE, Image 5

Polynesian, February 09, 1861, Image 4

The Daily bulletin., March 21, 1890, Image 2


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