Lot Kamehameha (Kamehameha V)


December 11, 1830: Given the name Lot Kapuaiwa, Lot Kamehameha was born.

1852-1862: Lot served on the Privy Council (1852-1855), in the House of Nobles (1852-1862), as the Minister of the Interior (1857-1863), as the chief justice of the supreme court (1857-1858), and in other positions.

November 30, 1863: After his brother King Kamehameha IV died, Lot became the monarch of Hawaii, known as Kamehameha V.

December 11, 1872: Lot died on his bed on his forty-second birthday. Because there was no successor to replace Lot, an election was held, and his cousin William Charles Lunalilo replaced him as king.

– Alice Kim

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Articles on Chronicling America

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Wabash express., November 07, 1860, Image 2

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The Pacific commercial advertiser., December 01, 1894, Image 1

“Recollections of Kamehameha V: Bold and Wise Sovereign as Remembered by R. A. Lyman”
The Pacific commercial advertiser., December 11, 1902, Page 9, Image 9


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