Missionaries in Micronesia

Important Dates

June 1668: Spanish Jesuit missionaries from the Philippines introduced Catholicism to the people in the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

1731 and 1767: Jesuit missionaries attempted to introduce Catholicism to the nearby western Caroline Islands without success.

1852: The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) sent its first groups of American and Hawaiian missionaries on the schooner Caroline to the eastern Caroline Islands and Kosrae in Micronesia.

1857: The Marshall Islands received its first foreign missionaries. Rev. Hiram Bingham Jr. of ABCFM established a missionary outpost on Ebon atoll.

November 19, 1857: American Protestant missionaries Hiram Bingham II and his wife Clara Brewster Bingham (second image) sailed to Apaiang, one of the Gilbert Islands. Afterwards, Hawaiian pastors spread Christianity in the northern islands.

August 7, 1857: The “Morning Star” missionary ship sailed for Micronesia

1869: A training school for mission teachers was founded on Ebon atoll.

1870s: ABCFM placed native mission teachers in the eastern Caroline Islands, including Mokil, Pingelap, the Mortlocks, and Truk.

Late 1870s: At least fourteen strong churches were established in the eastern Caroline Islands.

1888: Catholic priests of the Sacred Heart order established a base on Nonouti, an atoll of Kiribati.

1899: In the island Nauru, the first European Protestant missionary, Rev. P.A. Delaporte (fourth image), arrived. Pastors from Gilbert Islands were already working there for a while.

1902: German Catholic missionary Father Grundle arrived in Nauru, and he and Delaporte transcribed the Nauruan language.

Suggested Search Terms

Try the following terms in combination, proximity, or as phrases in Chronicling America: Morning Star, Star of Devon, Hiram Bingham, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, London Missionary Society, Missionary, Mission, Micronesia

Sample Articles from Chronicling America

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