Odds and Ends in Hawaii Newspapers

Sometimes, when reading newspapers, especially older ones, you’ll find that some people write the most zaniest prose.

According to this lost and found section, F.J. Testa both lost and found a ladies gold watch.

Text: “Lost: A ladies gold watch and chain with locket attached. A su table reward will be paid by returning the same to F.J. Testa 327 King Street.
“Found: A ladies gold watch. Owner can have the same by proving property and paying for this advertisement together with a suitable reward, at the office of F.J. Testa / 327 King Street.”

The Independent., June 27, 1895, Image 4

Text: “Who is He? The bar association will please notice the following sign which appears on a window in the Campbell block on Merchant street. It reads:
Counsellor at Law
Notary Public
Who is Mr. O.A.S.?”

The Independent., November 10, 1899, Image 2

The Independent (most likely editor Edmund Norrie) ran some pretty interesting news briefs about bicycles.

Text: A bicycle has been impounded and is at the police station. If not claimed during the next three weeks it will be shot.
The Independent., July 10, 1895, Image 3

Text: The impounded bicycle has found an owner, and its life is saved.
The Independent., July 12, 1895, Image 3

Text: George Bruns and a native boy on a bicycle had a collision yesterday evening. One broken bicycle and one broken-up boy is the result.
The Independent., October 30, 1895, Image 3

Text: Bicycle riders annoyed by dogs are justified in shooting them if necessary.
The Independent., November 14, 1895, Image 3


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