The 1895 Counter-Revolution in Hawaii

Important Dates:

January 14, 1893: The “Committee of Safety” overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy, and the Provisional Government was formed.

Summer and Fall of 1894: Without Queen Liliuokalani’s knowledge, her supporters secretly conspired to overthrow the Republic of Hawaii. They ordered weapons, which were shipped from San Francisco.

January 6, 1895:
At 9 p.m., led by Robert Wilcox, the royalist troops began the counter-revolution to restore the Hawaiian Monarchy.

January 7, 1895: Hawaii President Sanford B. Dole declared martial law.

January 9, 1895: The last battle of the war was fought, and the counter-revolution ended with the counter-revolution failing and the Republic of Hawaii prevailing.

January 16, 1895: Queen Liliuokalani and Robert Wilcox were arrested. Wilcox surrendered in a fishing hut after hiding in the mountains.

January 24, 1895: Queen Liliuokalani formally abdicated her throne to obtain leniency for the royalists.

End of 1895: With pressure from home and the United States, the government freed the remaining prisoners on parole.

Suggested Search Terms:

In advanced search, limit the year to 1895 and the state to Hawaii and try the following terms in combination, proximity, or as phrases: counter-revolution, revolution, rebel, battle, Robert Wilcox

Sample Articles from Chronicling America:

“Bloodless No More: Fatal Encounter Between Natives and Government Men at Waikiki”
The Daily bulletin, January 7, 1895, Image 3

“War Is On!: Native Desperadoes Leading a Big Revolt”
The Hawaiian star, January 7, 1895, Image 3

“Progress of the War: Effective Work of Artillery at Different Paths: The Rebels Driven Back Everywhere”
The Daily bulletin, January 8, 1895, Image 5

“Rebels Beaten: Driven from Diamond Head and Palolo: Two Abandoned Rebel Forts with Arms and Ammunition Are Found”
The Hawaiian star., January 8, 1895, Image 3

“How Goes the War?”
“Events of To-Day: Combination to Force the Rebels to Join Battle: Firing Heard on the Palolo Ridge–To Capture the Queen’s Boats”
“Pitched Battle: Rebels Between Two Fires on Palolo Heights: Very Latest from the Front”
The Daily bulletin, January 9, 1895, Image 5

“In the Hills: Sharpshooters Scouting in Manoa Valley”
The Hawaiian star, January 09, 1895, Image 3

“Operations This Day: Government Troops Gradually Converging on the Rebel Positions”
The Daily bulletin, January 10, 1895, Image 3

“Entrapped: Closing In on Garibaldi Wilcox and Party: He Is Believed to Be Near Tantalus with a Force of Thirty: Two of the Rebels Are Killed and Two Captured”
The Hawaiian star, January 10, 1895, Image 3

“Another Night’s Vigil: Aftermath of Yesterday’s News: Where Is Nowlein and Wilcox?”
The Daily bulletin, January 11, 1895, Image 3

“War Now: Complete and Careful Account of the Situation: Scouting and Guarding Parties Are in the Mountains: Firing in Manoa Valley Late Last Night”
The Hawaiian star, January 11, 1895, Image 3

“On the Trail: Brown and Parker Take to the Hills: Will Work with a Mounted Party of Picked Native Policemen”
The Hawaiian star, January 12, 1895, Image 3

“Another Quiet Night: Sundry Alarms Keep the Guards in Motion”
The Daily bulletin, January 12, 1895, Image 3

“Captured!: All the Rebel Leaders Taken Except Wilcox: Surrounded at Noon Today Near the Battle Field of Moiliili”
The Hawaiian star, January 14, 1895, Image 3

“Sunday in Arms: A Week of Rebellion Closes In Quietness: Some False Alarms and Reckless Shooting”
The Daily bulletin, January 14, 1895, Image 3

“Watch of Triumph: General Rejoicing of Government Defenders at the Station”
“Wilcox Captured: He Seeks Refuge from Hopkins and Surrenders: Full Account of How the Rebel Chief Gave Himself Up”
The Daily bulletin, January 15, 1895, Image 3

“Liliuokalani: The Ex-Queen of Hawaii Now a Prisoner: She Was Arrested This Morning at Washington Place”
The Hawaiian star, January 16, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

“‘Guilty’: So Say Wilcox, Nowlein and Bertelmann: Lanes Say ‘Not Guilty’ — Widemann, Greig, Marshall Refuse to Plead”
The Hawaiian star., January 18, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

“Pau with Big Four: Trial of Quartette of Leading Conspirators Ended”
The Hawaiian star, January 23, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

“Done with Practice: Schooner Captain’s Rifle Sends a Bullet into a Jap”
The Hawaiian star, January 24, 1895, Image 3

“Abdication of Queen Lilioukalani: Safety at the Price of a Kingdom”
The morning call., February 07, 1895, Image 1“More Guns Recovered: Wilcox’s Followers Eat a Dog—Silver Mounted Gun Wanted”
The Daily bulletin, February 8, 1895, Page 5“Curiosity Disappointed: Crowds Gather to See Prisoners Exiled by the Maripose”
“Supposed Dead Man Alive: Letter Received from a Rebel Reported Killed”
“That Fine Gun Traced: Its Custodian Is a Sailor on the Kilauea Hou”
The Daily bulletin, February 9, 1895, Image 1


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