Trans-Pacific Cable


May 1870: The U.S. Congress received a petition from Cyrus W. Field, which proposed laying 8,500 nautical miles of undersea cable in the Pacific Ocean.

September 1889: The Pacific Cable company was established to lay a cable to Hawaii and Manila, Philippines.

April 1900: The U.S. Senate allocated $3 million for constructing a Pacific cable from San Francisco to Honolulu.

September 1901: The Commercial Pacific Company incorporated in Albany, New York and aimed to lay a cable across the Pacific Ocean.

June 1902: The Pacific cable is laid at Sans Souci Beach, Waikiki, where there was an opening in the offshore reef.

January 2, 1903: On “Cable Day,” Hawaii celebrated the completion of the Pacific cable. Henry E. Cooper, the secretary of Hawaii, sent greetings to President Roosevelt via the Pacific cable, and he sent greetings to people in Hawaii. Hawaii merchants received greetings from San Francisco merchants.

January 3, 1903: The Associated Press sent the first news dispatches via the Pacific cable.

July 4, 1903: The Manila cable and Pacific cable in Hawaii were spliced together.

July 5, 1903: A message from New York went around the world in nine minutes. People in the Philippines received greetings from President Roosevelt.

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Articles from Chronicling America

“Pacific Telegraph” (“Notes of the Week”)
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“Another Cable Proposition: The Pacific Company Wants to Exclusive Franchise”
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“Honolulu’s First Cable”
Evening bulletin, December 5, 1902, Image 1

“Will Lay the Underground Cable at once”
The Hawaiian gazette, December 5, 1902, Image 1

“Honolulu Will Soon Be with Cablegrams the World’s Center”
Evening bulletin, December 11, 1902, Image 1

“Will Celebrate Cable Opening: Business Men Plan Holiday with Great Meeting and Many Features”
The Hawaiian gazette, December 12, 1902, Image 1

“Cable Open for Business Day after Arrival Here”
Evening bulletin, December 15, 1902, Image 1

“Cable Now on the Way”
Hawaiian gazette, December 16, 1902, Page 2

“Land Line Ready for Deep Sea Cable”
Hawaiian gazette, December 19, 1902, Page 5

“Cable Day Program: Will Await Sierra with Silvertown News”
Evening bulletin, December 20, 1902, Image 1

“Cable Steamer Silvertown Delayed at San Francisco”
Evening bulletin, December 23, 1902, Image 1

“The Plans to Welcome the Silvertown”
Hawaiian gazette, December 23, 1902, Image 1

“Cable Ship Should Be Off This Port Early in Coming Week”
Evening bulletin, December 24, 1902, Image 1

“Cable Ship Silvertown Arrives Buoys Cable 35 Miles Off Port”
Evening bulletin, December 26, 1902, Image 1

“Pacific Cable Being Laid at Good Rate”
Hawaiian gazette, December 26, 1902, Page 2

“Cable Day Program Is Arranged by Citizens’ Committee”
Evening bulletin., December 27, 1902, Image 1

“Working on Ocean Cable”
Evening bulletin, December 29, 1902, Image 1

“Cable Will Be Connected Day or Night When Weather Abates”
Evening bulletin, December 30, 1902, Image 1

“Pacific Cable Has Been Laid to within a Score of Miles of Hawaii”
Hawaiian gazette, December 30, 1902, Image 1

“New Year’s Day Will Very Probably See Cable Completed”
Evening bulletin, December 31, 1902, Image 1

“Cable May Be Complete Tonight”
Evening bulletin, January 1, 1903, Image 1

“Hawaii Exchanges Greetings with the World Over the Pacific Cable”
Evening bulletin, January 02, 1903, Image 1

“Cable Is Here At Last”
Hawaiian gazette, January 2, 1903, Image 1

“First Cable News Report to Hawaii”
Evening bulletin, January 3, 1903, Image 1

“Honolulu Celebrates Cable Day”
Pacific commercial advertiser, January 3, 1903, CABLE EDITION, Page 2

“Associated Press Service Begins: First Regular News Services Dispatches Sent to the Hawaiian Islands”
Hawaiian star, January 3, 1903, Image 1

“World’s News Flashed Under the Wide Sea”
Pacific commercial advertiser, January 4, 1903, Image 1

“Honolulu Celebrates Cable Day: Monster Mass Meeting in Honor of Working of the Wires…”
Hawaiian gazette, January 6, 1903, Image 1

“First Messages Flash Along the Great Cable Linking San Francisco with Philippine Islands”
San Francisco call, July 5, 1903, Image 21


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