Prince Albert Kamehameha

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone celebrates your birth as a national holiday?

That was Prince Albert Kamehameha what experienced. On May 20, 1858, The last child born from a reigning Hawaiian monarch entered the world with fanfare. A salute of twenty-one guns fired after the first public announcement of the prince’s birth. Children visited Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma’s only son with gifts, including a baby carriage with an embroidered pillow and three silk flags. People raised flags and put up colorful streamers on homes and businesses. Hopefully, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Hawaii would continue the Kamehameha dynasty as king.

Unfortunately, Prince Albert fell ill. Despite efforts to save him, including a baptism, he died at the age of four. The kingdom mourned, stores closed, and flags flew at half mast. His parents mourned deeply–Emma would not leave his grave. Kamehameha IV never got out of the depression and died a year later.

– Alice Kim

Articles from Chronicling America

“A Royal Cradle” (third column, middle)
Pacific commercial advertiser, May 20, 1858, Image 2

“Birth of a Prince”
Polynesian, May 22, 1858, Image 2

“Birth of a Prince” (second column, middle)
Pacific commercial advertiser, May 27, 1858, Image 2

“The Infant Prince” (third column, bottom)
Polynesian, May 29, 1858, Image 2

“His Royal Highness the Prince of Hawaii”
Polynesian, August 23, 1862, Image 2

“Death of His Royal Highness, The Prince of Hawaii”
Pacific commercial advertiser, August 28, 1862, Image 2

“Death of H. R. H. Prince Albert of Hawaii!”
Polynesian, August 30, 1862, Image 2

“Notes of the Week” (Prince Albert lying in state)
Pacific commercial advertiser, September 4, 1862, Image 2

Letters of condolences for Prince Albert’s death
Polynesian, September 6, 1862, Image 2

Pacific commercial advertiser, September 11, 1862, Image 2

“Prince Albert’s Funeral: The Remains of a Grandson of the Great Kamehameha Are Laid to Rest…”
Hawaiian star, March 16, 1903, Page 6

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